Horse & Rider Training

How all this got started was by people asking me how can I communicate with my horse. Others would confess I am afraid of my horse because he won’t stop when I pull back on my reins. People bring me their horse and say we have this (whatever) problem and I need help. We will help you both learn to work through these problems and progress even farther than you ever thought possible. One other thing that seems to come around more often is a customer will say "I have sent my horse to a trainer and the trainer works great with my horse but when I ride him it just doesn't work".

We can help both you and your horse or horses. Training a horse is only half the solution. The other half is training you to communicate efficiently and correctly with your horse. Not every horse is the same so not every horse is handled exactly the same way. We can help you find that point in which your horse will listen to you and you will listen to your horse. We will change the way you do things until we find what work for the two of you together.

Everyone is different and that goes for horses as well because not all horses were created equal. Your horse needs to be confident in you as well as you are confident in him.  You will learn how to communicate with your horse and learn how to read the horse’s body language. Important to learn is how to get comfortable working with your own horse. Working with your horse shouldn't be a chore but a relaxing fun experience for both you and the horse.

You will learn to train and work from the ground and the saddle. Getting to know your horse is not one of God’s great mysteries but just like any relationship something to work on, have fun with, and to love to do.

Training my Horse
Learn Flections, Stopping, Walking, Backing Up, Side Passing, Disengaging the Rear End, Loading in a Trailer and Turning on the Front End just to mention a few but most importantly you will learn what you need to know. These basics will help you both get to know each other and trust each other.   

Train your horse on every trail ride