Reservations and Cancellations

Cancellation policy: No charge applies if the reservation is cancelled 24 hours in advanced of the scheduled ride. Please call the Ranch office (661) 860-0593 if you need to make a cancellation or to reschedule. If the cancellation is outside of the time allotted, you will be charged for the event. If you didn't provide a credit card for your reservation we will assume no reservation exits.

Rescheduling and Canceling a ride must be done 24 hours before of your reservation time so we may schedule someone else who may want that time frame.

Riders must be 7 years of age to go on trail and not greater than 250 pounds. For Children under 7 we offer pony rides in our outdoor arena.

Your trail ride may begin when you first arrive here at the ranch but for us at the ranch people and horses alike we start hours in advance. From the time you make the reservation we guarantee the slot for your ride turning down other ridersthat may want your reservation time. Then the day before the ride; we make plans such as which horse and saddle for which rider using the information you gave us.

On the morning of the ride we gather horses from stalls and pastures and we start supplementing the horses with additional grain, we groom all the working horses make sure hoofs, coats, manes and tails are clean. This helps our horses from getting sores from rock or dirt and of course to look good. Saddling and fitting tack on each horse for the work day is heavy work for our guides since saddles are heavy and all tack is leather. Also feeding arrangement for the working horses are made since saddled horses are kept in different areas of the ranch because we don't want any horses to miss a meal! So please be kind to all of us at the ranch and let us know about cancellation well in advance.