Riding Lessons

People ask how old is too old to start training on a horse? It is never too late to start learning long as you are healthy and have the time and patience to learn. We have had Grandparents learning with their Grandchildren.

What do you teach? You will learn to find your seat, post at the trot, rein management, basic balance and you will build your confidence. You will begin in an enclose area known as our round pen. Once you have mastered certain concepts we can progress to a larger area known as our arena. Once you feel totally confidant with the round pen work and arena work we can try trails. Even though you have progress to trails leaning more in the arena is and will be our main stay. 

How long are the lessons? We can work as long as you have time and desire. Like the above statement time is a progress as well as learning. You will need to become accustomed to the physical and metal exercise that comes from riding horses. As your stamina grows your time on horses will grow.


Horse Leasing and Riding Lessons

Parents ask how old does my child have to be? I tell them it all depends on your child and their attention span and desire. Many children take to horseback riding from the very start. Some require time to overcome fear or apprehension.

What kind of horses will we ride? We have 22 horses for different levels of riding and to learn different technique. You may not ride all these horse but the more lessons you take and the more you learn the more horses you will be riding. For example some are bouncy and some are so smooth you will hardly move up and down. Some are tall and other are short and some are very wide.

Are the horses safe to learn on? Rest assured we will never put you on a horse beyond your capabilities. In your first lessons we start you in a western saddle but we teach English and Western styles.

Lessons are individual in our 60 foot Round Pen and our Large Outdoor Arena. We will start with one of our well trained lesson horses that will be safe for you and I can control remotely with a system of verbal commands and body language.

We touch on a lot of things in our beginning lessons to get a broad knowledge of riding and horses. Then as lessons progress we will refine each one of the concepts and lessons with more detail and practice.

Try the first lesson and by the end of the lesson we will know if this is good for you and or your children.