Kids on the Ranch

You don’t have to be a birthday boy or girl to visit us at the ranch. You don’t have to be part of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts to play with the horses. You all are always welcome on the ranch to do all the things as a family all year round.

Just call Kathy first and make a reservation. You can get same day depending on how busy we are but to be sure of a fun filled horse day call a few days in advance to make a reservation.

Birthday Parties

Everyone is welcome to have a great birthday party at the ranch. If you and your friends are seven years of age and older then you and your friends can go on a trail ride. Everyone will have a great time and you will learn to trot your horse even if you are nervous because our guides and horses will take care of you. The guides and the horses will help anyone overcome any worries or fears and if anyone had any worries they will be long forgotten. After a great time out on trail we will return to the ranch for some more fun on our large trampoline that has a safety net. Everyone can even bring apples and carrots to feed your favorite horses.

All your parents have to do is bring you, your friends and any party favors you might want like food, cake and drinks. We have some tables and chairs ready for you but some parents still bring tables, tents, ice chest and other things. If there are more than ten riders we will split the one large group into two smaller groups. One group will stay back and jump on the trampoline, explore the ranch and look at all the horses. Many kids like to visit all the horses and pet horses we didn’t take out on trail.  Some parents in the past have brought games and crafts to enjoy outdoors as part of the birthday party.

Don’t worry if you are not yet seven years old you can still have the best birthday party ever.  We will have about six or so kid safe horses ready for you to ride in our outdoor arena. All you need to do is get fitted for a helmet and were off to the arena to walk, trot and mess around with the horse toys. We can also hand lead you around the ranch. If you are one of the adventurous ones we can take you off the lead rope while in the arena and let you ride on your own.

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

Earn you horse lovers badge here on the ranch. Bring out your troop for a horse filled day of fun. Bring your cameras, apples and carrots. Before your ride we cover all the aspects of your badge requirements such as how to pick and clean a horse’s feet, different saddles and bridles.

Everyone will learn the basic how to of take care of a horse and of course riding.
Then we head out for a hour ride not only do you learn to trot and canter but you also get a little nature tour of the Angeles National Forest. When we return you will have earned your horse lovers badge and can now unsaddle, brush, and wash your horse so it is ready to be put away.


Everyone Rides on the RanchBirthday Parties

  Your Friends can Ride with You.Birthday Party with Horses