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Adventure Rides & Eventing

All adventure rides have a requirement that you have been on at least a one hour ride once before. Once the basic requirement of one hour of riding with us has been fulfilled you are welcome to book any of the Adventure Rides, Dinner Rides, All Ages can Compete in Gymkhana Lunch Rides, Lake Rides, Poker Runs or any of the competing events such as Team Penning, Team Sorting, Horsemanship Challenges and Gymkhana

Adventure Trail Riding

Trail Ride

Many of the trail rides are basic in nature such as we will walk and trot along trails we have made over repeated use. The adventure trail rides are a higher level of riding. The trail may not be visible and the ride is more exciting but the views are always beautiful. We may be making a new trail or it may simply be one of adventure trails that will be more challenging.

Adventure Riding at it's Best

Adventure riding will get you to places so beautiful you will want to return over and over again just like so many of our other adventurers. Just like our regular trail rides these adventure rides come in 60, 90, 120 minute durations.