Stall and Pasture Boarding

Stall Boarding

Our stalls are large in comparison to many boarding establishments. All Stalls have automatic water dispensers, covers, shaders or in and outs available. The stalls are close to tack rooms, wash rack, round pen, and arena

Breezeway Barn

Our Breezeway Barn has 2 large stalls available both are size 48'x24'. The barn is close to tack rooms, wash racks, round pen, and arena.

Large and Small Paddocks

We have 2 large paddocks each with a shader for people who have more than one horse and want their horses together in one large area greater than a stall.


Big Pasture

Our large pasture is full of hardy young and old horses. Only the ones that can maintain a place in a herd full of young aggressive horses will be place here. Plenty of room to run and play these horse are active all day long.

Outlaws Paddock

The names of the pasture is just that and doesn't imply only a certain horse will live here. Most horses here are Geldings.

Old Folks Pasture

A set of slow eaters but less aggressive are older horses but some young horse are here also. There are always exceptions to the rule and we do our best to figure them out. Many of the older horses are here with plenty of food to last all day long. No aggressive horses allowed here.

Boarding with Rainbow Ridge Ranch

Boarding with Rainbow Ridge Ranch is always a great choice for many reasons but most of all we take excellent care of all the horse on the property. Another reason is that we rent and lease horses, so if you want to ride with friends or family we have a horse that will fit their riding ability. It is always fun to ride in groups so when our trail rides go out on a ride you will always be welcome to join us for one ride or as many rides as you like.

The ranch has lights for those late nights with your horses and of course you and family are always welcome to use the ranch for reunions, birthdays or just when you want to show your horse off to the family. There are 5 Tack Rooms available, One Wash Rack and Two Wash Areas, One 60 foot Round Pen, 100'x200' Outside Arena, and plenty of trailer parking.

We feed twice a day Alfalfa / Oat Cubes from the grower. We have found this to be better than just feeding bales of Alfalfa that get blown away by the wind. But will feed bales of grass for special needs horses.

Food Barn

Plenty of food for all.

Bale Grass

We will feed bales of grass.

Food Delivery

Cube delivery into feed barn.