Lake Ride

It’s a full day of fun for those of you that like a fun accelerating ride. This ride is designed for people with stamina but you don’t have to be an expert rider just be able to keep moving. The ride is about 10 miles one way which takes about 2 hours of riding with stops for photos and breaks along the trail.

The whole day from start to finish can take between 6 to 7 hours filled with riding, photos, water play, lunch and fun. Remember we have to pack and carry our drinks food and any change of clothing so pack light.  The best time to go is during the week when it’s less crowded with weekend bathers and picnickers. We can go on weekends but if there are too many people it can limit what we can do in the water and the best places to picnic with the horses. 

Once we get to the lake we can unsaddle the horses, change our clothing and play a little with the horses in the water. You can get quite wet depending how adventurous you are riding a horse bareback in the lake.

Some horses like the water more than others but we trade and exchange horses so everyone can have a great experience. It’s a wonderful experience to be bareback on a horse while there pawing, splashing and swimming in the water.

We let the horses rest and dry while we have lunch. While enjoying lunch and conversation during the picnic we prepare for a ride home. When lunch is done and we have changed back to our riding clothes we saddle our horses and head for home.

Kathy and George on Lake Ride
Kathy on Lake Ride